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Founder’s Notes


It all started when…

As a child when I started piano lessons at age 5 and never looked back. I tried everything and anything that had to do with music. Choir, performance in musicals, marching band, jazz band, orchestra, symphonic band and competition with piano and percussion. I found a passion for environmental science during my last years of high school and ended up pursuing those endeavors in college. Music has always been there though. I have never stopped playing, performing and advocating music education.

As I became a mother for 3 young girls and involved myself in public education...I was an assistant teacher for 8 years in Fulton County and truly loved it. I became friends with 2 great music therapists who encouraged me to follow my passion for music and combine it with my love for teaching. So here I am 10 years later doing what I love most. Teaching piano, Kindermusik, and percussion.




The Mobile music studio