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Getting the Most out of Piano and Drum Lessons

Classes are  designed to help create a lifelong love of piano, drums, and music in general. When your child sees you showing an interest in their music education, he or she will want to participate more fully. Therefore it is up to you to support your child throughout the week by setting an expectation that they will play a piece from their assignment each day or every other day for young students or students with a busy schedule. You wouldn't believe what a difference this makes in their learning!

Here's a great way to sneak in practice. They won't even realize they're practicing!

Simply ask them in the morning before school or after dinner to play," ------------------,"( name a song from their assignment book.)
Name a different song from their assignment each day.
You can find their assignments in their lesson folder that I provide, which allows you to look over and understand what they are currently learning.
It is marked by date and week for your convenience. 

This will help them to have a well rounded practice.

Absences & Make-Up Lessons

There are no make-up lessons.

  • If your child is ill or you are on vacation during a regularly scheduled class please let me know in advance.

  • If I am ill or cannot make it to class for any reason I will credit your account.

Holidays when the studio is closed for business

  • Labor day - September

  • Thanksgiving Week - Wednesday through Sunday of that week in November

  • Winter Break -  normally the last week of December and first week of January

  • Spring Break - normally the 1st week in April

  • Memorial Day - usually the last Monday in May

  • Independence Day - July 4th

These are part of the normal school year tuition rate and no credits to the account are given. This keeps it simple as you pay the same each month no matter if there are 4 lessons or 5 lessons in a given month.

Summer Lessons

The summer months, June-September are prorated for your convenience. I know many families take vacations, have summer camp or just want to spend time with their children and families. You are encouraged to stay on through the summer months as it is important to the development of the child's music education. I make it easy by giving you a calendar in May so that you can let me know when you'll be able to have a lesson and when you'll be busy.


When siblings are added to the piano practicum they receive a special sibling discount! How great is that?


Lesson payments are due on the 1st of each month.

You may pay for lessons with a check, cash, or through Venmo each month. Just let me know what works best for you and we'll set it up.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is guaranteed! If you aren't completely happy with your lesson experience please let us know! If you need to withdraw from our program for any reason, please let us know by the end of the current month so that we can stop future credit card payments. 

Families are welcome back at anytime.

A note about beginners

The first three-six months of lessons are and adjustment period to new learners, some take right to it and for others it can be challenging. I strongly advise not to give up or stop lessons until you’ve given your child the chance to persevere. I see this all the time and it is completely normal. You won’t believe the payoffs of waiting it out till their first recital. That’s when the kids really get to see how far they’ve come and all that they’ve accomplished with your support. I strongly suggest a minimum of 2 years before deciding to quit.

Kindermusik Expectations

 Together, you and your child:

  • will lay a musical foundation

  • discover the joy of music

  • build musical bonds that will last a lifetime

Getting the Most out of Kindermusik Class

  • Classes are  designed to help create a special bond  between you and your child. When your child sees you participating in class, he or she will want to participate more fully.  Be your child's partner as you join them in our circle. Make new friends! That means you too parents,grandparents & caregivers!

  • Kindermusik@Home will allow the fun to continue with the mp3 album with all the songs from class, an e-storybook, and click-thru activities to teach your child music and reading through mobile app literacy.  And you can take it with you everywhere on your smartphone or tablet! And I promise you, when you access @Home together throughout the week, your child will get SO MUCH MORE out of class time, and participate SO MUCH MORE with fellow Kindermusik friends in class. It builds their confidence, it expands their learning, and it strengthens their bond with YOU.

Happy and Healthy Classroom

  • Our instruments and manipulatives are cleaned and sterilized regularly.  Hand sanitizer, tissues, and Lysol are always available, as are areas for changing diapers. Whether you breastfeed or bottle feed, you are welcome to take care of your baby wherever you are comfortable.

  • If you or your child is sick, please be considerate of other children and adults in our classes and stay home to get better. You/your child should be fever-free for 24 hours and have no contagious characteristics (rash, drainage, etc.)

Make-Up Classes

  • There are FREE bonus days available to you that can also be used to make up a missed class, Check the schedule in the classroom. These days may also be used to make up a class cancelled due to inclement weather, or if I am ever out due to illness/family illness.


  • Due to the delicacy of the infant/toddler class setting, older siblings do not come to class.  Sometimes your family may have a schedule change and brothers and sisters want to come to class who are not formally enrolled. We can most often work this out on an individual basis in a way that keeps the best interests of the Kindermusik students in mind – just let me know!

  • In the toddler class, newborn infants may be brought to class provided that they are securing in a sling, carrier, or car seat.  You must be available to participate fully with your enrolled toddler. Please be aware that your toddler may have jealousy issues with the baby being present, especially during a new sibling adjustment, and you may want to arrange for a caregiver for the infant at home, or stay home with the infant and have a grandparent or other active caregiver bring your toddler to class with one-on-one attention.

Referral Rewards or Bring-A-Friend

  • Same age friends are always welcome to come join you for a free class and see what all the excitement is about! It is always fun to bring a friend and share the joy!

  • If your friend joins Kindermusik I’ll have a special gift waiting for you!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is guaranteed! If you aren't completely happy with your Kindermusik experience please let us know! If you need to withdraw from our program for any reason, please let us know by the end of the current month so that we can stop future credit card payments.  Families are welcome back at anytime!


Any other questions?